Cost Control Measures


USHMS Inc., has maintaining the Cost Control Measures in an efficient manner . The better way to maintain the appropriate cost structure is to control them in a sustained fashion.

Total cost = fixed cost + variable cost × output

We maintaining cost control measures by the following manner

  • Staffing Cost
  • Billing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Legal and Accounting Services
  • Insurances
  • USHMS Inc., also need to focus on controlling costs. Without constant vigilance, companies can find themselves in an uncompetitive situation with bloated overhead. The episodic slashing and burning that then becomes necessary can significantly damage a company. These efforts risk producing exceptions on the financial statements, drive “one-time” charges, and hurt company culture.

    5 ways to control costs

    1) Renegotiate all contracts annually.

    2) Ask your customers.

    3) Match terms with turns.

    4) Ask vendors to own “their” inventory.

    5) Hold headcount constant.