Customer Service Training


Greeting, welcome, and appreciation

  • We will greet customers by making eye contact, smiling, addressing them by their last name (unless directed otherwise), and introducing myself by name and department or title.
  • We will provide our customers with directions or assistance when necessary.
  • We will wear my identification badge at shoulder level, facing forward, and free of stickers and pins.
  • We will acknowledge the contributions of staff and others by saying “please” and “thank you”.

Professional telephone behavior

  • We will knock on patients’ doors, pause appropriately before entering, and indicate who I am.
  • We will emphasize to patients that privacy is important to us and will demonstrate this commitment by asking preferences regarding curtains and doors.
  • We will protect privacy and health care information according to HIPAA regulations; I will be sensitive to my co-workers’ privacy and avoid disclosing personal information.


  • We will actively listen, focusing on the person and checking for understanding by repeating and asking questions.
  • We will provide positive, professional, and prompt responses and ensure my facial expressions and tone of voice are consistent with my words.


  • We will recognize, respect, and respond to the diversity of our customers.
  • We will take action to protect the dignity of our patients/customers.