Hiring and Training Practice Managers


In USHMS Inc., Medical practice managers are responsible for everything from financial planning to appointment scheduling. Each task is important to keep a practice operating smoothly, though each also requires quite different skills.

Education is always a great way to start training for a career in medical office management. Many universities across the country offer high-quality programs focused completely on the management of medical practices and patient care settings. Courses are offered in everything from billing procedures to office operations and all other tasks the practice manager will be responsible for..

Getting a job in the field of practice management requires the proper training and education. A solid understanding of the duties required is necessary to tackle the myriad of responsibilities the practice manage faces daily. Accordingly, taking the time to obtain the proper education and experience should be viewed as preparation for a lifelong future in practice management.

Employer Requirements

Medical practice managers working in office or hospital settings generally are not required to obtain licensure. However, increasingly facilities are only hiring those candidates who are certified as medical managers. The Certified Medical Manager designation is nationally recognized. It is offered by the Professional Association of Health Care Managers and is widely accepted as the standard of excellence for medical practice management. Medical managers are tested on their skills and knowledge in 18 areas of medical practice administration, from financial procedures to human resources. Attaining certification shows employers that the manager possesses the high level of skills and knowledge required for the job.