Legal and Accounting Services


In USHMS Inc., The latest addition of services is our medical legal account service, which is being utilised by consultants nation-wide. Our medical legal service provides a professional and efficient method of medical legal billing.

USHMS Inc., is designed once again to perform the tasks that you don't have the time or resources to do. Legal cases are usually long winded and certainly time consuming. We have designed a computer program specifically to deal with Medical Legal Accounts. By utilising this service you can bill for Medical Legal accounts in the certain knowledge that these accounts will be dealt with and monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that all possible accounts are paid.

When a Medical Legal case arises you simply supply us with the name and address of the Patient and the relevant treatment details. (A special form will be supplied for this purpose). If you have any details regarding your patient's Solicitors you would supply us with these details also. If this information is not available we will search it out on your behalf.

In USHMS Inc., Hospital Accounting Services will ensure your account is included in the Patients claim for compensation by contacting both the patient and their solicitor where necessary. We request written confirmation from one or both parties that your account will be included in any compensation award.

Once we have received confirmation that your account is included in a claim, your account is then "pended" for further monitoring. i.e. your account is automatically held in our computer until the case is resolved and your account paid.

To ensure efficiency we continue to monitor the situation on your behalf. At pre determined intervals we contact the Patient/Solicitor to obtain updates on the status of all accounts in writing. This ensures that your account is monitored on an on-going basis until successfully concluded.

As you may be aware many consultants find the medical legal process difficult to monitor and control due to the long time span between the provision of a service and the completion of court proceedings. Our service saves you time and frustration and guarantees you a maximum return on your medical legal accounts.